[12/16 H4 Special Event] Amir Salihefendic (Plurk Founder/Dev Lead): Creative Programming

[English Below]

我們很高興邀請到噗浪的創辦人之一,也是背後平台的主要撰寫者的Amir Salihefendic[1]來到Hacking Thursday來和大家見面,他要向大家分享Creative Programming。我們預計演講時間為7:30pm - 8:00pm,聊天時間則到10:00pm。


[1] http://amix.dk/ Amir's blog


活動報名網址: http://www.registrano.com/events/f3cbc0

時間: 2010/12/16 星期四,分享時間7:30pm開始,6:30pm開始入場。

主題: Creative Programming

主講人: Amir Salihefendic

語言: 英文

地點: 典藏咖啡民權店四樓 (http://www.artouch.com/food/Cafe_MinQuan.aspx) 台北市中山區民權西路7號 (Google maps link: http://bit.ly/hNiaTT)

消費: 250元,含咖啡紅茶飲料無限暢飲,到場直接向櫃台付費。餐點請自行另外單點,有九折優惠。

提供: 免費無線上網



Dear all,

We are honored to have Amir Salihefendic, one of the founders and developer lead of Plurk, to give a talk at Hacking Thursday on 12/16.  He will be giving a 30-minute talk on Creative Programming.  We expect the talk to go from 7:30pm to 8:00pm; discussions will follow and end at around 10:00pm.

Do you have questions about Plurk that you would like to ask Amir?  Hurry up and register for the event as the seats are limited.



Registration URL: http://www.registrano.com/events/f3cbc0

Time:  2010/12/16 Thursday   (Presentation starts at 7:30pm.  You may get in at 6:30pm to start your dinner first.)

Topic:  Creative Programming

Speaker:  Amir Salihefendic

Language:  English

Location:  Artco de Cafe (4th floor of MinQuan Store)   (http://www.artouch.com/food/Cafe_MinQuan.aspx)  No.7, Minzu W. Rd., Jhongshan Dist.  (Google Maps link: http://bit.ly/hNiaTT)

Fee:  NT$250 paid at the front desk upon arrival.  The fee covers unlimited coffee and ice tea.  If you want meals you'll have to order them separately (at 10% off discount).

There is free Wifi so bring your laptop if you like.


典藏咖啡民權店 / 台北市中山區民權西路7號

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